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How a restaurant grew its margins during a global lockdown.


Small and consistent savings across all your suppliers equals better margins.

Saving £200 each week from one supplier puts £1000 into your profits at the end of the month. Multiply that across all of your suppliers, and you could be increasing your GP and adding thousands back into your business. REKKI can help.

REKKI is working with Parlour Kensal to show how our app can help increase margins, even during lockdown.


Parlour Kensal

5 Regent St, Kensal Green, London NW10 5LG
United Kingdom

All-day restaurant dishing up a menu of contemporary British food and craft beers. Open every day 10am-7pm.

As soon as lockdown started, Parlour Kensal transformed their North West London pub and dining room into “Parlour Market Place,” selling restaurant quality ingredients, ‘cook at home’ meals and menu favourites to take away. This new business model meant taking a closer look at their ordering habits to keep their margins on target. We studied how Parlour used REKKI to survive and thrive.

Parlour already used REKKI to manage their supplier relationships. They place and track orders and communicate with their suppliers daily through the app. When they changed their business model, they also began to use REKKI to find and compare suppliers in their area to ensure they were getting the best value on their orders.

Restaurant Operation

Apr 26 – Jun 7

Apr 26 – May 10


May 17 – Jun 7 (start of optimisation)


Apr 26 – May 10


May 17 – Jun 7


Starting with their fruit and vegetable costs, Parlour was able to get quotes from two suppliers through the app, and reduced their average weekly fruit and veg GP from 21% to 15.5%. This 5.5% drop equals around £1000 in savings per week on fruit and veg alone.

Comparing the period before and after optimising their food costs, Parlour increased their gross profit margin by around 10% by using REKKI and making other improvements on their business.

On £20k weekly revenue that is £2k in pure profit weekly.

If they continue to use REKKI to optimise their costs across all their suppliers, that profit is the difference between a restaurant fighting to survive, and one that is set up to thrive.





Parlour also used REKKI to explore completely new categories and expand their offering as their shop grew.

They connected with Atariya, a premium supplier of sushi grade fish, and added high quality sushi to their takeaway options, selling out from day one.

The situation was a win-win for all parties involved. Here is the breakdown:

number one

the restaurant

Diversified their supply lines and got a fair deal.

number two

the existing supplier

Given a chance to quote for the business and continued to supply Parlour.

number three

the new supplier

Gained a valuable new customer through the REKKI platform.


While the restaurant industry looks towards the future, there is so much uncertainty, but there is something that restaurants can take control of — food costs and sourcing.

Small changes to your ordering can give you big savings long term.

If you are a chef, download REKKI now to see how. If you are a supplier, sign up to the supplier tool to get new customers.

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