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The Lost Tea Company

Helping to spread the love of Myanmar Tea Leaves, both drinking and edible. Smallholder sourced and delicious!


UK's first living enzyme cordial. Packed full of beneficial and complex enzymes, JIN JIN is naturally made from 35 different raw fruits and vegetables. Perfect as a non-alcoholic Aperitif and Digestif

MSK Ingredients Ltd

MSK supply premium quality ingredients, offering innovative and unique products which turn a meal into an experience. They supply a large customer base of chefs, chocolatiers, mixologists, bakers and more, taking pride in their excellent service.


Pump Street Chocolate

Pump Street Chocolate proudly produces craft chocolate. Provenance and process are key to their finished bars. They specially source cacao from growers who dry the beans at origin and tailor their processing to yield the best chocolate possible.

Susman Best Biltong

Welcome to Susmans Best Beef Biltong. We have been supplying biltong and South African food to the UK and Europe since 1979.

Young Vegans

Vegan ingredients producer specialising in vegan pizza ingredients and pub style pies - Order Mondays for delivery by Friday

Curtice Brothers

Curtice Brothers’ tradition by cooking sauces with only the finest, freshest ingredients.

Local Honey Man

London based Beefarmers. Producing fine 100% raw, pure, local honey. Breeding and raising honeybees to help reverse the decline.


ISqueeze is the UK's leading supplier of commercial juicers, blenders and slush machines.


We are a small producer of a very high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We have 15.000 square meters of Arbequina olive trees and are herbicide and pesticide free.

Slim Jim Food Co.

Get £50 cash back on your first order! 3 star award-winning sauces produced in Manchester with the intention of sharing the flavours that we love​ with the world, through the medium of small batch cooking. All sauces are fermented to achieve a balanced flavour profile, and produced with the freshest ingredients to create unique flavours.


The Health Store Wholesale Ltd

The Health Store Wholesale Ltd is based in Nottingham, England. The Health Store is more than a commercially effective company; we provide variety, competitive pricing and great service.

The London Honey Company Ltd

Producers of British Honey from around the UK from moors to pastures, our honey is raw and unadulterated. Available in buckets or jars or straight from the hive as honeycomb frames.

Japan Food Express UK

Established in 2017 our UK branch has built a client base of over 300 including Michelin-starred restaurants and well-known Japanese food retailers.


Funnybones Foodservice

Importer and distributor of innovative, multi-temperature Mexican and American foods in the UK food and catering sectors.


Pan Asia

PanAsia’s motto is to provide customers with carefully selected, high quality food products imported from, South Korea, Japan, China, Cambodia, Taiwan, USA and Europe as well as best customer service.


New Victory Wholesale

Established in 2012 we supply Thai, Chinese and Japanese restaurants with the high quality and authentic ingredient and foods.


London Borough of Jam

LBJ preserves are made in small batches, and cooked for a shorter time compared to generic brands. We use natural, unrefined sugars and no commercial pectins. LBJ preserves contain no more than 4 ingredients and are dairy free & vegan.

Mediteria Ltd

We are passionate about the products we source and supply, and partner with small family businesses that share the same ethos. We have met all of our suppliers, and gained a deep understanding of the processes in creating our truly artisan products.


Jida Kitchen LTD

Jida Kitchen is a master when it comes to Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean Spices & ingredients. We supply the most top-quality products in the market and all the other products your kitchen will ever need! Please note delivery for outside of London is 48 hours.



Pre-made cocktails that don't taste like shit. For orders below £500, a £25 delivery fee will apply.

71 Flavours

Anatolian Foods

We can supply a wide range of high quality products, including chilled, frozen, groceries & drinks. We also have a wide range of cleaning and packaging products to suit your needs.


Premium snacking for the on-trade. We celebrate what’s on the inside, the real within.

Sausome Creations

London's finest Sri Lankan organic chilli sauce producers. We create bespoke condiments for restaurants and takeaways in all areas.