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A food supplier app that brings convenience and efficiency to you and your customers.

Supplier tool

Increase order size per customer

Uploading your catalogue to REKKI allows customers to browse your full range and order directly.

Convert to product codes 

Map kitchen slang to real products in your catalogue. Your customers can keep ordering ‘the usual one’ through their restaurant supplier app, and your team and systems will know exactly what that means.

Communicate better

Send messages quickly to some or all of your customers at once via the food supplier app. Promote new products and special offers from your catalogue straight to relevant customers.

Flour supplier delivery driver smiling covered in flour standing in front of his truck at night

Integrate your business

Reduce order processing time and operating expense. EDI-compliant. Our open, monitored API pulls all orders straight into your preferred systems.

Stay up to date

With 24/7 monitoring on all outgoing traffic, any issues are fixed in real time.

Live insights on ordering habits

Get alerts about customers who are ordering less or more than usual. Learn about trending products so you can promote them to other customers.

Two chefs in striped aprons smiling with arms over the shoulder of a delivery driver giving a thumbs up wearing sunglasses

No installation needed

Use REKKI on any browser or device. Simply login to access your account from anywhere.

We grow when everyone grows

Using REKKI is totally free — for you, for your existing customers, and for the new customers we can bring to your business.