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Integrate your invoices and cut manual data entry

Saving restaurants time and money

Federico, Exec Chef

Federico, Executive Chef

Urban Pubs & Bars

“No more manual GP spreadsheets or missing invoices – it’s hassle-free ordering at its finest. It’s super easy to use, and their support is top-notch – always there when we need them. REKKI has totally got our back.”

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  • unlimited invoice processing
  • credit note tracking
  • live GP tracking
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  • price change alerts
  • accounting integrations

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Frequently asked questions

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REKKI Insights uses AI technology to digitise all of your invoices and transform the raw data into easily digestible and actionable spend reports. It’s quick and easy to set up auto-forwarding for all of your invoices so that whenever you receive an invoice it is immediately passed on to REKKI Insights. Insights gives you a breakdown of your spend for each supplier and for every category, which you can customise to compare with previous weeks or months. You can track changes in price for individual products across all suppliers, and track your GP in real time. Integrate with your accounting software to save hours of tedious manual data entry, and fully automate your invoice workflow. When you use REKKI Insights alongside ordering on the REKKI app, you can report issues with orders easily and track the progress of credit notes, as well as request any missing invoices directly from the Insights platform.

Getting started is quick and easy. Typically, it takes just 1-2 hours to set up, mainly to configure auto-forwarding for your invoices so they get sent to Insights automatically. After one week of invoice forwarding, you'll begin to see the benefits of Insights. By the end of one month, you'll have built up a solid data set of your business spend, allowing you to realize its full potential. You can also backload your invoices from the past month to get a comprehensive data set immediately. REKKI Support is always available to assist you throughout the setup process and with any special requirements you may have.

Get in touch here to let us know a little bit about you. We’ll then get back to you to discuss next steps, and can give you a demo of the product in action

REKKI Insights is a slimmed down restaurant management solution, with a feature set that covers the essential workflows that every restaurant relies on. Our focus is on automation, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks from your weekly schedule. Many restaurant management solutions come with a plethora of features that often go unused, requiring significant time each week for manual data entry and adjustments. REKKI Insights changes that by using AI to automate manual work and extract data with minimal user input. This allows us to provide you with real-time, actionable insights on your spend.

No, you can use REKKI Insights no matter how you order from your suppliers. REKKI Insights allows you to upload or auto-forward invoices from any supplier for automatic invoice processing. However, we recommend using both tools in combination. Ordering on the REKKI app will give you more visibility and full control of the order-invoice-credit note flow, as well as make it easier to track any missing documents.

Currently, REKKI Insights does not support recipe costing or stock/inventory counting. However, you can easily integrate your data from Insights with other systems you may use such as specialised allergen and recipe builder services or inventory management systems.

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