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Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors

Pat LaFrieda wholesale meat company has a life-long history of serving New York City and the surrounding area with a full line of meat, poultry and associated items. We are proud to have flourished for three generations.


Paisanos Provisions

Family owned and operated since 1960, Paisanos Butcher Shop in Brooklyn offers a friendly, helpful service and a great selection of wholesale and retail meats along with many other food products.


Piccinini Bros

Founded in 1922, Piccinini Brothers is the premier purveyor to New York’s finest restaurants, including Gramercy Tavern, Daniel and David Bouley. Those chefs know where to find the best in pastured, grass-fed, organic meats and poultry.


Meats By Linz

With facilities in both Chicago and Dallas, Meats by Linz has distribution and export partnerships nationwide and around the globe!


Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms specializes in providing high quality, farm raised game and all-natural meats in the country. We think outside of the box to build a sustainable supply chain.

Abasto Foods

Since 2014 Abasto Foods has been dedicated to the search of the finest quality meats, from beef to chicken, duck, wild boar and Colorado lamb & veal with the latest addition of the finest Japanese wagyu beef and washugyu.


North American Meats & More

Specialty Meats and Seafood

Romeo Foods

Beef, pork, poultry supplier and custom fabrication.

Happy Valley Meats

We do meat differently. Our mission is to improve the lives of the people and animals that feed us. We’re working at this by providing chefs access to ethically-raised meat from family farmers.

Japan Premium Beef

This minimalist Japanese meat shop specializing in U.S.-raised Wagyu beef also carries pork & duck.

Highline Wholesale

Highline Wholesale, located in New York, New York, primarily operates in the fresh meats business.

National Food Distributors

National Food Distributors is a meat and produce wholesaler and distributor located in New York. We supply everything from supermarket chains to restaurant groups in our expanding network.

Green Tree Packing

The meat specialist since 1894. For over 115 years, Green Tree Packing Co. has been committed to the custom purveying of meat and fish products in the northeast.


Founded by Joseph DeBragga, Emil Guenther and James Heilman, DeBragga and Spitler was founded in the early 1920s by men who knew more about quality meat than perhaps anyone in the country.

Ideal Meats Inc

For more than 40 years, Ideal has distributed products of unsurpassed quality in this location, offering its customers the best in special products from America and Spain.

Salumeria Biellese

We create fresh sausages, salumi, and cured meats for some of the best establishments in the country.


We believe food raised right tastes better. We partner with small farms and ranches that have the strictest standards; to never use added antibiotics or hormones, and sign affidavits to that effect.


Magnolia Beef

The Meat Guys INC

Do you have a restaurant, catering hall/business, pizzeria, food truck etc.? Then we are your meat guys!


L.K.B. Meats

L.K.B Meats is a family business serving the metro New York City area with meat and provisions.


Servicing the food industry since 1947, we provide quality products to restaurants, butcher shops, supermarkets, institutions, hotels & more.

Meat Bar

We specialize in USDA meats, Caribbean and South American products for your restaurant, deli, or supermarket needs.

Mosner Family Brands

Our passion for the art of butchery has been a lasting institution in our family's history. We're proud to be a 3rd generation family-owned & operated company in the ever-evolving meat industry.


Harlon's LA Fish

Authentic Cajun/Creole Supplier

Strassburger Steaks

At Strassburger Meats we carefully select each ingredient to give you not only a unique flavor but a unique experience in every bite. We are proud to support American ranchers. Meat is and always will be our passion.