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Sussex By The Sea

Supplying fresh and smoked fish daily from the Sussex Coast.

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The Manchester Smoke House

It started with a kiss! A legacy Admittedly that kiss was between 52,321 tonnes of metal with the name Titanic and an iceberg. What turned out to be one of the worst and most well known shipping disasters of the last millennium has led to one of the finest smoked salmon producers in the UK. Joseph Hyman was a third class passenger on that ill fated ship, purely by luck he was told to get in and row collapsible life boat C, rowing wasn't for upper class people in those days unless it was Oxford verses Cambridge, so he survived the sinking. He was, along with the other survivors that he helped save, picked up by the Carpathia and taken to what was supposed to be his final destination New York. The story doesn't stop there though. He still had family in Scotland so with a lot of persuasion along with copious amounts of alcohol he found himself reluctantly doing the return journey back to his family. He set up home in Manchester. Joseph started a small deli business based on what he had seen in New York and developed the perfect recipe for smoked salmon. That recipe and expertise has been passed through the generations from father to son like a family heirloom, Joseph to Harry, Harry to Stanley, Stanley to Richard the 4th generation and current holder of the recipe. Just tasting the smoked salmon shows that not everything associated with the Titanic was a disaster!

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Monarch Caviar

Combining authentic traditions with a modern approach. For us, caviar is much more than just a food - it is a lifestyle, a passion and a way of thinking.

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Brixham Seafish

Buying the fish daily from the renowned port of Brixham to supply restaurants in the UK.


Attilus Caviar

Attilus Caviar is dedicated to producing caviar in a sustainable and ecologically-friendly manner.

Pesky Fish

The Pesky Marketplace enables you to source your fish directly from British inshore boats and producers. This means you can buy the species and volume you need and have it delivered whole or filleted, all within 48 hours of it being landed.

My Fish Company

My Fish Company sources the finest quality seafood from coastal suppliers in the UK and only the best imported products from around the world.

Exmoor Caviar

Exmoor Caviar can be seen on the menus of no less than 80 Michelin Stars in the UK.

Kernowsashimi Limited

Supplying good, clean and fair fish and crabmeat, caught by a collective of small day boats on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall. Boats only use static gear and lines to ensure all fishing is sustainable. Nationwide delivery overnight.

Lambton & Jackson

We’re here to serve lovers of proper artisan smoked salmon. We only ever smoke in small batches. We’ve picked up many awards including great taste’s ultimate three stars.


Neve Fleetwood

Neve Fleetwood supply quality fresh fish and seafood to the catering industry throughout the North West. We source, prepare and deliver fresh and frozen, fish and seafood.


Big Fish Little Fish

Deliver the freshest, highest quality, sustainable seafood direct to your door. For over 25 years, we supplying quality fresh fish to restaurants and fishmongers across the North West of England.


Started life way back in 1980, sourcing fresh fish from the East Coast of the UK and delivering door to door around West Yorkshire offering fresh poultry, continental meats, cheeses, deli products as well as the freshest fish and seafood around.

Easy Fish Co.

Providing Fresh Fish And Seafood For Over 10 Years. We Stock Only The Finest Produce, Hand-Picked From Smithfield Market Each Morning Or Sourced Directly From Our Trusted Network Of Coastal Suppliers.

Out of the Blue Fishmongers

Out of the Blue are determined to provide an unsurpassed service. We sell seasonal products: sustainably sourced fish, shellfish, game, free range poultry and several organic products. We also sell a small selection of seasonal vegetables to accompany the fish; a vast range of deli products, from black linguini to fresh coffee.

J & B Wilde

At J & B Wilde and Sons we have earned a reputation for dependability and quality over a century of providing our clients with first class foods, both domestic and commercial alike. Our products include meat, poultry, fish, eggs and frozen foods.


AO Seafood

Petrossian Caviar UK

Since 1920, Petrossian and its famous blue tins have become the symbols of an extraordinary product: caviar.