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Seven Seeded

We use only the finest ingredients from small artisan producers but as a bakery, we are not just about good ingredients. Everything is made over two days ensuring the best possible flavour, excellent digestibility, and superior shelf-life. OVERNIGHT DELIVERY - be sure to arrange access for your 1st order with this supplier directly


Miller's Bakery

Founded in 1997, we produce an extensive range of European breads and burger buns to the highest quality including our signature burger bun, the American Glazed.’ OVERNIGHT DELIVERY - be sure to arrange access for your 1st order with this supplier directly


Lockdown Bakehouse

Born in Lockdown - now Lockdown Bakehouse is SW Londons best wholesale bakery. Please note our lead time for delivery is 48 hours.


Langham Foods

Artisan Sausage Roll Producer 48 hour delivery service


Wagashi Bakery

Wagashi Japanese bakery is run by Harue in London while older sister Emiko runs the well established Japanese sweet shop Kitaya in Tokyo, both of them continuing their late father Eiichi's passion for baking. Please delivery for Central London is - Monday, Wednesday & Friday.


Fresh Eric's Cake Co Ltd

Select "Samples" from our catalogue for a sample selection, free of charge. We supply delicious cakes, tarts, traybakes and muffins to coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, caterers and other food outlets. Established 2003 and still here on the strength of great products and friendly service.


Bread and Macaroon

Bread & Macaroon is a French Bakery based in central London. We created our own recipe, we always use fresh British products. For everyday meals or special occasions, our fresh selection of bread, burger buns, pastries, cakes and sandwiches are selected to offer great quality and taste.


The Gluten Free Bakery

All of our gluten free bread is hand-crafted sourdough using responsibly sourced ingredients & ancient grains. We're also a low waste bakery. We supply fine gluten free breads and baking kits to our customers all over the UK. OVERNIGHT DELIVERY - be sure to arrange access for your 1st order with this supplier directly


Heath Street Bakehouse

Supplying baked goods with no compromise on quality. 72 Hours notice required on orders. Our delivery run starts at 10:30 daily.

Jack and Beyond

We are an award winning online cake shop. We create delicious brownies, cookies and mince pies which can be delivered across London


Arapina bakery

Arapina is an award winning Healthy Lifestyle Bakery, with roots in re-invented Mediterranean cooking, that caters for a sophisticated clientele, offering vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free and low in options. Please note delivery is 48 hours.

Route Catering

Artisan handcrafted cakes.


Bread of Life

Artisan bakery specialising in sourdough bread, viennoiserie, and patisserie


Greek Hestia

Greek Hestia is a company created in 2018 from a unique partnership of a food scientist and a baker , who have surpassed themselves by testing hundreds of recipes and combinations through their numerous years of experience. Please note delivery for fresh products is 48 hours.

Sean’s Loaf

Sean has been a chef for over 20 years and has worked across the world. Now Sean and his wife Megan run their own micro bakery together, living their dream of owning their own business. Please note delivery is 48 hours.


Knead a Little Love

Knead a Little Love is a lockdown-born bakery specialising in vegan doughnuts and run by two sisters, Jess & Becca. Every single one of their fresh fluffy doughnuts is made by hand with a process taking over 10 hours. Using fresh fruits and the highest quality ingredients whilst taking inspiration from classical French patisserie, Knead a Little Love offers a truly unique and extra-special treat. Please note we require 36 hours notice.

Sunbird Kitchen

Small batch granola blends and overnight oat mixes. Using organic, gluten free oats. Dairy free, refined sugar free and packed full of nuts and seeds. Award winning and spectacularly delicious.

The Artisan Bakery

We create naturally leavened sourdough breads and fine pastries of an unmatched quality adhering to time honoured artisanal standards. Our breads and pastries are hand-made fresh every day with patience.


Cake or Death Vegan Bakery

Cake or death is a vegan bakery based in Dalston, East London. We make the best brownies you will ever eat. We also make gorgeous cakes, cookies and other bakes, all of which are vegan and produced in our bakery.

Londres Poilane

Created in 1932 by Pierre Poilâne, this celebrated bakery has lasted decades by preserving what is best.

Patisserie Patchi Limited

At Patchi, creating delicious recipes has become an art on its own, combining tradition and Lebanese innovation. Our Baklawa, sweets, pastries and cakes are handmade in the authentic Middle Eastern tradition.

Boulangerie de Paris

Boulangerie de Paris is a family-owned artisan bakery since 2007. We are two passionate sisters sharing our love of baking; we pour our hearts in our company to provide high quality bread and the great service 7 days a week, all year long.


Bocconcini Bakery - Gluten Free Pizza Base

Our mission is to help pizzerias across the UK deliver an authentic Italian pizza experience to their clients with gluten intolerance, and those of whom simply love the gluten-free lifestyle for its health benefits. Please note delivery lead time is 2-3 days.



We at Cakesmiths, supply wholesale cakes, traybakes and flapjacks to coffee shops and cafes. Handmade in our Bristol Bakery.

Ranson UK Ltd

During 70 years, our focus has evolved from pure bakery wholesaler to both distributor and producer of products for bakery, chocolate, catering, ice cream and the food industry.