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Make ordering your restaurant food supplies the easiest part of your job.

App Walkthrough
A chef in chef whites and apron standing behind heat lamps on the pass looking directly at the camera

All suppliers in one place

Use the REKKI restaurant ordering app with any supplier. Keep product lists and catalogues organised. See a record of your orders and messages with each supplier.

Be in two (or more) places at once

Create and join multiple restaurant sites. Switch easily between them so you can keep track of ordering no matter where you are or where you need to be.


Reduce mistakes, save time

See what your team is ordering and messaging. Catch mistakes before they happen. Make food costs everybody's business.

Control your product lists

REKKI is more than a supplier ordering app. Edit or add to product lists when you need to, so your lists stay up to date with menu changes.

Communicate better

Send messages, images and videos. See when suppliers open your orders and when they are confirmed. Check in orders on delivery and flag issues directly to your suppliers.

A pastry chef smiling at the camera holding a tray of chocolates with a mixer in the background

How to place an order

Enter a supplier chat and create an order.