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We are improving the way chefs and distributors communicate.

Our story

REKKI was founded in 2016 in London by people who lived and breathed the independent restaurant life for more than 10 years.

We're a group of ex-chefs, ex-distributors and current technologists obsessed with the ins and outs of the food industry and how to make it more sustainable for everyone.

We spend a lot of time with our users, eating their food and listening to their stories, so we can keep building REKKI in a way that makes their lives easier.

A word from our CEO

Ronen Givon

Black and white photo of CEO Ronen Givon in patterned apron serving food smiling at the camera

Who we build for

Thousands of restaurants and distributors are already using REKKI to send millions of orders. They range from corner cafes to three Michelin star restaurants; super-local distributors to regional wholesale players.

We love and admire the people in this industry. They're full of grit and determination, crazy kitchen tales and the best conversation. Besides making tools to support their work, we like to help tell their stories too.

Lights Out

Peeling away the mystery in celebration of restaurants, Lights Out is a raw glimpse into the routine of those who feed us. This time in London, who knows where next.

Disposable Camera Project

Who better to tell the story of life in a restaurant today, than the people who are actually living it? We ask chefs and restaurants to document their day-to-day to give us an unedited look into their world.

Cropped image of two chefs wearing black gloves plating food. Main chef has a mustache and tattoos