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We are solving real problems for the people who feed us.

Smiling chef with arms crossed leaning on a granite counter with pizza oven behind

Work with purpose

We're working on transforming an industry. There's no blueprint for that.

We're a tech company working on complex problems that exist in a very hands-on industry. Everything we do, we do to add value to our users' lives and the food industry as a whole.

REKKI employee with glasses and red hat smiling at the camera holding a mechanical keyboard

Get to know our users

We get to dive right into the world of our users, shadowing shifts in restaurant kitchens and wholesale warehouses.

This isn't required (your knife skills won't be tested in an interview) but is available to anyone at REKKI interested in getting to know our users face-to-face.

Dishwasher in apron standing in front of a bulletin board smiling and flexing his arms

The importance of food

Food is at the heart of what we do. That passion is evident at work too. Breakfast and lunch in both our London and Amsterdam offices are cooked daily by in-house chefs.

We sit down to eat together, giving teams the opportunity to take a collective break.

Two REKKI team members, man and woman, sitting and eating from a tray of chicken

Growing globally

We're expanding around the world. Right now you'll find us in these locations:


London (NW)


Amsterdam, New York and Chicago

Remote teams

Working across a growing number of cities in North America and Europe

People of REKKI

Our team is made up of a growing group of talented individuals dedicated to building the best possible tools for our users. Most of us love food, and many of us worked in restaurants or for distributors (and used to be REKKI-users ourselves).

We're hiring people who are excited to do things differently.

Portrait of two women from the REKKI team in the office